• The Thank You Effect Workshops

    The Thank You Effect Workshops

    Are the quickly changing conditions in your workplace, your business, or your personal life leaving you hanging by your fingernails? If so, you are not alone. Your life and your world are changing rapidly every single day. Technology is advancing more rapidly than ever before. Our relationships, our ways of earning income, our expectations of ourselves and each other are moving before our very eyes. Do you find these changes scary or exhilarating? If you would like to ease the anxiety or just know ways to ratchet down feelings of overwhelm, then my Thank You Effect Workshop is for you. Read More
  • 30 Days to Inspired Appreciation

    30 Days to Inspired Appreciation

    30-Day Guided Independent Study Program. Intended for those who unable to attend a half-day workshop, who would still like to experience the benefits of daily gratitude and appreciation. Text messages, emails, or video messages with short and simple daily assignments.
  • Appreciation and Follow Up Skills for Business

    Appreciation and Follow Up Skills for Business

    Specifically designed for the busy entrepreneur or executive:

    Training for your or your staff - follow up and follow-through programs utilizing email, physical greeting cards, and meetings so your business doesn’t lose leads, customers, or vendors.

    My company will perform these functions for you:
    •    customer database entry and maintenance specifically for follow-up programs
    •    customized greeting card, email, and phone script programs specifically tailored for your business.

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